Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trade Forex: Fundamentals or Elliott Wave?

When we look at how financial markets move and the patterns that are formed sometimes we wonder what is causing the move and what should we really be paying a attention to. The people who use news and fundamental analysis only can often be seen to be trading "blind" and have no idea that a trend will end or how a correction will unfold.   At the same time we can hear the proponents of trading with fundamentals say the same thing about people using technical analysis.

In my experience using Elliott Wave analysis has always worked beautifully and I can always tell what the market is doing and sometimes amaze myself by how accurately the market can be read using just the visual clues.  It is like ready a road map or learning a new language.

However, fundamental analysis such as is used by Jarratt Davis, John Kicklighter of Daily FX, and Anton Kreil.  can also be crucial to help understand how pattens can form when there is more than one possibility and when there is uncertainty.

In this video I mention how I use these resources for Forex news and fundamental research and commentary.  Forex Factory, Daily FX, Bloomberg, Reuters, Financial Sense, Financial Juice, Trade The News, and Ransquawk.  With a few minutes of research you can often get a more clear picture of what is about to happen at the time of the next risk event or major news announcement.

This video shows how the market moved at the time of the FOMC statement release going back over the last 2 years on just one currency pair, the EUR vs. USD.  Once you see how the Forex market reacts to major news events and if you have seen my previous 3 videos that show How to Trade Forex Non Farm Payroll and FOMC you will have a lot more clarity and certainty about the next trade.

Pro Forex Trading Strategies - Fundamentals or Elliot Wave

Friday, September 12, 2014

Forex Trading Game: Casino Luck or Business Skill?

The forex trading game can be so tricky.. Nearly every day I get emails from Forex trading gurus bragging that this week they got so many PIPs on certain trades. The fact is, if you enter a trade during a trending market you will likely win. In fact, if you enter a trade, you should have a 50/50 chance of winning. The important thing is, you consistently maintain a high percentage of winning trades over time with larger winning trades than losses. To do that, you need something other than a method of getting in by using an indicator crossing a certain level. You need to actually see through the noise and chaos. Recognize the real reason to enter or exit a trade that clearly shows the difference between what we call a pullback or retracement and an actual turning point, a reversal. When the market seems to be moving in the opposite direction of your trade, how do you know whether it is retracing? And will it continue in the same direction? Or whether it is reversing and you are about t

Friday, September 5, 2014

Profitable Trade Using Elliott Wave Pattern

How would you like to use elliott wave pattern in trading? Elliott Wave Pattern is one tool popularly used by most traders because of the information it provides. However, it is not something that we just follow to the exclusion of everything else. How many times have you heard people say that it s difficult? That it s nearly impossible to tell what wave is currently forming in an elliott wave? Still, people remain fascinating with elliott wave. They see that these patterns really do form in the financial market. About 99% of traders who use elliott wave pattern are missing the most obvious way to capitalize on these patterns. They fail to harvest the maximum amount of profit that s available from the market. Now, you are about to learn on this video of elliott wave pattern. You will learn some of the most vitally important knowledge that you will use from now ong. Financial markets are always unfolding. However, the wave that is used by most traders actually causes their winning trad

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fund Manager: Will You Trade My Forex Account For Me?

What if as a fund manager, you are responsible for trading a million dollars in a capital? fundmanager or more? Forex fund management may be the best business of this decade and a Forex Fund Manager may be the most envious job in the world for some people. Find out the place for becoming a professional Forex Trader and Fund Manager. Check out more videos on Fund Managers here. The post Fund Manager: Will You Trade My Forex Account For Me? appeared first on Trading Mastermind.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Become One of the 5% of Forex Traders Who Win

About 95% of forex traders in the industry will try to skip this simple step. Some will even scoff at this step because it has nothing to do with technical analysis or indicators. But a few people will put this into practice and immediately see the results. Are you ready to become one of the few who consistently win in Forex trading? Check out this video to learn more:

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Save $5000 on Forex Trading Training and Get it Free

This video exposes how so many Forex training programs provide very little useful content for the price and how you can obtain more and on how to Save $5000 on Forex Trading Training and Get it Free. This video is part of a series that is created to enable persons who are interested in Forex trading to save months of years of frustration and quickly achieve the results that very few achieve. Watch more videos on